Aerial Application – AgroFlite provides the highest quality aerial application services to our customers throughout the United States. We utilize state-of-the art application technology, including DGPS guidance systems, Flow Control devices, Hydraulic gate box and GIS data, all of which ensure the consistently precise, accurate and on-target applications we are known for. We specialize in the following aerial application missions:

    • Broadcast applications on row crop, aquatic sites, and forests
    • Governmental contract applications
    • Precision applications of restricted use herbicides on utility right-of-ways
    • Forestry Herbaceous Weed Control, Site Prseparation and Release work
    • Specialized aquatic applications to wetlands and waterways.
    • Mosquito control applications
    • Aerial Seeding of cover crops
    • Dry fertilizer

    Fire Suppression & Prescribed Burning

    Aerial Surveying – We offer the following aerial surveying services throughout the United States and Caribbean.

    • Pipeline, Power line and Utility right-of-way surveys
    • Wildlife & Game Surveys
    • GIS Digital Mapping
    • Crop scouting & agricultural land surveys

    Aerial Photography & Filming – We offer various camera platforms to accommodate virtually any aerial photography and filming needs. Whether you require still photos, video or motion picture film work, with well over twenty years of experience in the aerial photography and film arena, AgroFlite has got you covered.